Current projects

Sunny day, windows open and painting in the studio. Working on a commission today for a seascape - something similar to the Kota Kinabalu abstract. Easel in the garden- quite a novelty for this country. Yes resorting to a base of blues and sand/ neutrals but about to liven it up a little ,create layers and the uncover base layer again. 


New abstract on 7mm panel. Many hours go into the preparation of the panel, sanding and adding five layers of clear gesso. Very happy with the results though and there is something incredibly satisfying by creating a surface from scratch. £250 and available at




Exploring abstracts

After many years abroad we have found ourselves returning to the UK. The past turbulent months has been filled with boxes, packing and unpacking, moving, finding schools, homes, doctors and more.....

When someone you love is diagnosed with cancer life is turned upside down, shattering dreams, questioning realities and perceptions. Day to day priorities become superficial as you try to support those around you. Life is realigned as you search for new directions, taking a day at a time. 

The only way to keep moving forward, for me, is to paint. After a long emotional block, a recent trip to Spain helped revisit my watercolour sketches and now this has become my saving grace. At the moment these are just watercolours, painted on the beach or in the quiet of a garden or balcony. This for me is therapeutic, a form of meditation where you can lose yourself...

Fusiones Latin Kitchen Studio and Restaurant, Sathorn, Bangkok

Amidst the vibrant restaurant scene in Bangkok an elite group of restaurants stand out for sheer quality and imagination. Carmen Rawstron opened the doors to her new innovative restaurant last week to critical acclaim. Aided by a few invaluable friends and a thai contractor, Carmen has created a beautiful new restaurant with a chic interior from a disused terraced house. The whole project which just took six months to complete has been a labour of love but the finishes and furniture show a great attention to detail, colour and art. 

 Just one of the murals I completed for Carmen Rawstron - this one is Angel Falls, Venezuela.

Just one of the murals I completed for Carmen Rawstron - this one is Angel Falls, Venezuela.

I was involved from the start of the project and commissioned to complete two double height murals in the main salon; Angel Falls and the shanty town in Caracas, Venezuela. A simple white line painted over the dark grey adds a chic touch to the double height space. Colour punctuates the dining area and mezzanine through a series of abstract landscapes incorporating grey, ochre, yellows, red and greens referencing the Venezuelan culture. The first mural of Caracas took two days and the second just one day both captured through photos, time lapse and video.